Monday, March 1, 2010

Limbo. Or 'Fighting Homelessness'

Well, as I was typing the title to this post, I got a phone call... perhaps things are not as dire as they seemed before.

I'm currently stuck in a limbo. I have had the most amazing time in Lyon. I've met some amazing and kind people, had fantastic experiences, fallen in love with the city and the improvements in my language skills have been astounding. However, I've still failed to complete two big things on my to-do list;
  • find an apartment
  • find a job

Now, I have written before about my temporary sublet... well, today it is over. I have spent my last night in Decines and I am packing to leave.

I have had the incredible luck and chance of meeting some amazing people who have offered up their couches for a few nights each. I'm not so homeless! Life is good! My faith in humanity has been restored! Even my lovely roommates here have offered up a few extra nights on the couch.

However, right now, I got a call about a room in the 7th Arrondisment of Lyon. Well, not really a room but an alcove. I hope it will be ok. It's cheap and hopefully, I will be able to forsake the joys of a door for 2 and a half months. I'll have to think about it. But... all is not lost!

It seems I am on the verge of something. However, I hope that this feeling of hope and positive pre-sentiment extends to my financial situation. I've spent far too much money here in Lyon. I hope I find some sort of work soon. My appartment hunt has enveloped all the time that I can stand looking at my computer screen. Although it has extended my French vocabulary of real-estate terms... I hope it will end soon.

Lyonaise Love.

a. x

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