Thursday, February 25, 2010

French Kissing

I have lived in France for almost 2 months now (holy hell! really?!)

Now, I'm used to a bit of affection. I'm an affectionate person. I like a hug and a kiss when I meet a good friend for coffee. But I'm still at a bit of a loss to French kissing habits.

For all those thinking I'm about to disclose my personal adventures here in France, you will be disappointed. I'm not talking about passionate 'French Kissing' but about the kiss on the cheek custom in France.

For example, whenever you meet someone, you're supposed to give them a kiss on each cheek. However, when a guy knocked on my bedroom door this evening to drop off a package for his friend (the girl who I'm renting the room from), I introduced myself and gave him a kiss on each cheek - he looked surprised. So I screwed it up again.

But the other day, when I met one of my housemates, I moved away as he moved in for a kiss because I thought he was going to walk past me. How awkward!!

And I'm not sure if, when I say good morning to my roommates, I'm supposed to lean over and do the kiss on the cheek thing or does this expire after a while?

You'd think I'd be adept at this. In Poland, it is customary for 3 kisses and I don't often screw that up. However, the French have got me puzzled, and I'm lost in a sea of social subtleties that I have no idea how to navigate.

Perhaps its the awkwardness of the 'Bonjour' kiss... there is no hugging, and both participants stand with arms akimbo. I like a bit of a cuddle. I'm not a fan of this part of the kissing ritual.

Perhaps I'm not as affectionate as I would have thought, but people who know my propensity for surprise 'back hugs' may disagree.

Perhaps, I'm just not French enough.

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  1. haha babe I have the solution for your kissing problem. just make out with everyone.