Monday, February 15, 2010

My French Life - Ma Vie Française

I have been living in France for over a month now, my exploits have reached far and wide in this great country.

I've paid a visit to the capital, the high alpine region, the flat western coastline and the urbansied north. I've been to some of the biggest cities and the tiniest of villages.

I've seen snow and sunshine, ski-lifts and beaches.

I've improved my language skills, gotten and lost a job and learned how to use French keyboards.

I've eaten escargot, créme brulée and tasted but a small selection of France's 270 cheese varieties.

I've learned the intricasies of shopping for fruits and vegetables and using the national railway system.

I've momentarily hopped the boarder to both Switzerland and Belgium.

All in all, an excelent month's progress.

But now what? with over 3 months until my departure to the US, I'm looking for an apartment in Lyon. Looking for some freelance jobs and I guess that's going to have to suffice untill May 28th.

From France, With Love


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