Saturday, October 24, 2009

Perfect Start to the Day...

Despite only a brief 4 hours, if that, of sleep last night, I am up and ready to face the day.

I was lucky to have a de rigeur chat with my bestie this morning (her evening), wonderful comme toujours. Nothing like launching into intellectually stimulating conversation to start off what is bound to be a productive day. Couple this fantastic event with one of the best croissants I've had in my life for breakfast and it is the best possible begining to a saturday. (Although, it is still caffeine-free... must fix that soon)

Now, I'm going to get ready for a trip to the train station, the subject of my Canadian Architecture paper for Wednesday. Afterwards, and despite the dreary weather, I'll head to little Italy, around the Parc Jarry area to see another part of Montreal and purchase the last little thing for my halloween costume.

Although the damp and heavy clouds outside make me want to crawl back under my warm blanket and snooze for just a while, the prospect of a new novelty hat, a new part of montreal to discover and ticking this paper off my 'to do' list (which is growing exponentionally) is plenty of motivation to get dressed and get going.

Just a nice cup of tea firt......

x A

Friday, October 23, 2009

Snow, Borscht and Boots.

It really is Murphey's law... just the other day, I got an email from Berlin where it has already been snowing. Outraged, I articulated my disbelief that central Europe got snow before Quebec, although mentioned that I shouldn't tempt fate, I may have bought winter boots but I do not yet have a warm enough coat. Well, last night I left the house to get some snacks at the bakery, it was 1'c and SNOWING. I was frozen. I came home shivering but smiling from ear to ear. My jacket was covered in snowflakes, my hair was damp, and I had gotten many a sour look from people I passed on the street as I grinned like a cheshire cat and caught snowflakes on my tongue and giggled as they got caught on my eyelashes. This morning, my hands were chapped and red, for lack of gloves suited for snow but I was still happy. Enjoying the first snow of the season was so worth it. I was quite devestated when I woke up this morning (more like afternoon, but that's just semantics) and there was no soft white layer of snow covering the world yet. However, I did get compensated by the fact that it was a gorgeous autumn day, the sun was shining and the tree-lined streets of Notre-Dame-de-Grace were all the shades of yellows, oranges and reds. I totally love my life.

Today I also bought my tickets to New York. I'm staying for 3 days and 3 nights which include Halloween. Checking the weather in NY and NJ, I was quite disappointed to learn there would be no snow, and summery temperatures over 15 degrees. (Yes, I said summery... perspective changes here in Montreal). To continue the theme of weather... it's now 3 degrees and I walked home thinking '3 degrees is not cold'... and it's not. Thank god I am coming to this realisation now, psychologically preparing myself for the temperatures to come, which promise to be well below freezing before I fly out of here. I leave on what is technically the first day of winter, December 21, but every quebecois I speak to assures me I will not be leaving without a good taste of a Canadian winter, it will easily reach -20 by then.

In other news, I have finished midterms and am utterly ecstatic with that fact. Now, just have a lot of papers and take home exams to write. Unfortunately, I need a textbook for one of my take home exams (worth 45%), an essay exam due on Wednesday and it was sold out at the bookstore and I have to wait till Tuesday to get it. Meaning, I wont be sleeping on tuesday night. At present, I have finished a total of 30% of my Concordia semeseter. Still a long way to go, and it's going to be hard work.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to get up early and head to the train station to do some field research for my architecture paper. It's only 500 words but I have to visit the site which I've chosen to write about - the train station in Montreal. I'll be able to finish it by dinner easily. I'm also going to take some photos around NDG and downtown with the gorgeous autumn colours.

Ok, that's enough for now.

x A

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

hot chocolate or hot chips?

It's 11:30pm. I had an exam today. I had an exam yesterday. I have an exam tomorrow. Thankfully, it's ancient Roman art, and I've already done most of the studying, but I'm still bloody exhausted and still have a lot to do and I think I need a treat of some sort to keep me going; tea, hot chips or hot chocolate? Decisions! Decisions! Just think, in 13 hours I will be FREE. From exams, that is. And only until December.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Squashed Cheese

I made linguine tonight, al tonno with fetta. I wish it would count as study for my greek and roman art midterms, because it's damn good. Alas, no. Back to the books.