Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When you travel a lot, you start to become obsessed with weather.

Actually, I've always been obsessed with weather.

I'm a winter girl, through and through. Give me a hot cup of tea while I sit on the heater and watch the snow. Give me a book to read in front of the fire place while there is a thunderstorm. Seriously.

I'd rather walk in crispy snow than in salty sand that sticks to you and never comes off and you find in your shoes 2 weeks after you came home from the beach.

I'd rather put on another jumper than re-apply sunscreen.

However, when summer hit today like a big, fat, melty snowball, I was amazed. I had a job interview and when I left to go home, I didn't bother putting on my jacket. I didn't need gloves, nor a scarfe. Or even boots. In fact, I got myself an ice-cream. It was 19 degrees. Perfect ice-cream kind of weather. Really, if I'd bothered to shave my legs, I could've probably ditched the stockings.

As I said, I am a winter girl. However, after over 6 months of coats and jumpers and boots and snow, the vitamin D was a welcome hit for my system.

I got home, all smiley, and opened my window to let the fresh air in. Really, now my room smells like canal and exhaust fumes, but the fact that I'm not shivering with the window open is something that makes the canal and exhaust smells worth it... sort of.


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