Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chère France

[Eugene Delacroix, Liberty Leading the people/La Liberté guidant le peuple, 1830, Oil on Canvas. Source: here]

Chère France;

Here are some things I find interesting about you

  • The blue street signs in places like Paris or Lyon. They are so French.
  • Your pastries are to die for, which makes your lack of Milo or TimTams bearable
  • The freedom to explore your museums if one is under 25 and European
  • Your frequent condom-dispensing machines. I have never used them, but I find them very amusing
  • French gentlemen are the epitome of gentlemen (rivalled only by Americans, I must admit)
  • Your artists and writers are pretty amazing (see Delacroix, above.)
  • I truly love your accent (even if you don't)

However, there are some things I dislike about you;

  • Your railway system's ability to make life oh so complicated, and the reluctance, nay, refusal to exchange tickets. Also, your trains are too small, I cannot fit my luggage in the aisles.
  • Your metros are expensive. They are good. But they are expensive
  • You sell too many cigarettes
  • Your language is very difficult. Even after 8 years of A's and Distinctions, and many dollars spent at the Alliance Francaise, I am having lots of problems to communicate.
  • Your bureaucracy is a little on the frustrating side


Mademoiselle A.F.

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