Tuesday, December 22, 2009

in the homeland

What a few days. Jeez. Ok, lets start where I left off... in Montreal. Friday was hard, saying goodbye to the place, packing, getting a cab and really being out of there. Everything went smoothly in Montreal until I got on the plane, where we were stuck because there was too much luggage to take off (in this shitty little plane) and we waited till they took 9 bags off. 9 people without luggage. Just thankful that wasn't me.
Then it was New York, the view from the plane was amazing. I saw times square, statue of liberty, central park.. all that, lit up at night. That's about all I saw of New York, as I spent the entire weekend in Jersey. We were planning to head to the City on saturday night, but due to insane snowstorm, we ended up in a small, lovely bar in NJ where they didn't ask me for ID, getting a bit hammered. Then to have some pisco, Peruvian style. My head was quite spinny. Got the car stuck on the way home in the insane snow. Next day found orange traffic cone in the back of the car (used to get unstuck)
Leaving the states was hard. I was blubbering, felt like a fool. It's weird to think that its over now, everything I've been planning so far - the exchange, the NY trip. Holy Crap. Oh well, I know I'll be back. I have to.
To cheer myself up, I read the entire Bridget Jones book on the plane. She always makes me feel better because I AM BRIDGET. But perhaps without the insane mother. Didnt sleep at all on the plane, and am now EXHAUSTED. After finished Bridget, started getting my teeth into 'The Open Veins of Latin America' -- Brilliant.
Anyway, big mess and kerfuffle with Dublin-Krakow flight but am now safely at my aunts house, had a brilliant meal, some tea, a shower and feel better... much better.
Now, up for some eyedrops to keep my eyes from shutting, its only past 5pm..... might cave and have a nanna nap, actually.
x a

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