Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things that I am in love with right now.

  • boats
  • having a job and making money
  • Milan Kundera
  • keeping a diary
  • the growing urge to paint something
  • the breton wind
  • going to New York in a matter of WEEKS (or months, depending on how you look at it)
  • the purchasing of return train tickets to Lille/Brussels for less than 100 Euro.
  • the relaxation and freedom of weekends off work
  • my new camera (Windows and Doors - new photography project)
  • speaking french

with all the love from Brittany/Bretagne. West France.


1 comment:

  1. I too have been feeling the need to paint something lately. Granted I don't have tremendous artistic faculties. I painted a tree on my wall. And I have been thinking a lot about painting some quotes or poems on my wall. ON eof the 50 million things I want to do. But I do love that the feeling can be so present inside you, the urge and the desire to do something more. Pretty cool I think.