Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Warm Shower, Hot Tea and Burning Study

Its well and truely crunch time here in Montreal. As it stands, I have 1 quiz, 3 papers, 3 exams and a take home exam due in the next 3 weeks. Holy Moley!

Yesterday I moved into my new room... my roommate is back in Calgary, which sucks because I wont see her before I leave, and the new roommate has moved into my room. And me, well, I'm in Merriah's room while she's in Calgary. I love this room... it's furnished properly, not just hap-hazardly because I didnt have money for furniture, I'm sleeping on a proper bed, first time since... a long time. Before, I had a teeny ikea matress on the floor, now i have a mah-hoosive comfy bed with lots of pillows and space for all my stuff.

Oh, how I want my own appartment. To furnish and decorate as I please, with kooky textiles and funky prints and awesome wallpapers. I'm in turbo-decorate mode since moving my stuff... decorating for now has been limited to hanging my prettiest dresses and glittery necklaces off door frames and dresser drawer handles. One day, I'll have an appartment in SoHo or Chelsea or Greenwitch Village jammed full of vintage love and indie art. And fairy lights.

With Christmas knocking on the door, fairy lights are on the brain. And snow coming so so soon!! (Saturday) And the neighbours putting up pretty christmas decorations. It feels like a proper christmas.... one where you're freezing your ass off instead of sweating it off. I love a northern Christmas.

Speaking of freezing one's ass off, the furnace in my building went kaput so the heat was off all day yesterday while the messieurs put in a new one. Thank the good heavenly beings that this happened while it was 0, and not -20. The heat is back, hot water is on and I had a lovely hot shower before I get stuck into the Roman Art study with a hot cup of chamomile.

This weekend is going to be AWESOME. Friday = Imogen Heap. Saturday = Pot Luck Thanksgiving Dinner

And I'm in a good mood today, despite some teeny problems (like study) that need to be adressed. I have a lot of things to be thankful for.... happy american thanksgiving :-)

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