Friday, November 13, 2009

5 weeks left

Exactly 5 weeks left in Montreal. How sad! I'm thinking of going to Quebec City next weekend perhaps, and perhaps a day-trip to Ottawa. I'm looking up greyhound buses at this very moment. It's only $37 return to Ottawa.

In exactly 5 weeks, I will be on my way to the Pierre-Elliot Trudeau airport here in Montreal, boarding a ComAir flight to JFK.

I'll be staying in New York/New Jersey for the weekend, and back to JFK on Monday, 21st December for a cheap-assed 8 hour flight to Dublin, where I will not be offered food so I'm packing on the bagels... one last taste of NY over the Atlantic. I will arrive in Dublin at 5:20am, and only have an hr and 20 minutes before I board another cheap-assed, non-breakfasted flight to Krakow, arrive just before lunch and see my mum and sister, and most of my crazy family.

I'll stay with the family till the 4th of January, when mum, Julia and I will catch a train to Warsaw and I'll leave the next morning for Barcelona. Thankfully, the Warsaw airport is not so far from the city.

The rest is pretty set - Barcelona, Paris, Geneva, Marseilles, Porto. I'll be adding 2 new countries to my 'List of coutries visited', which at the moment, stands at 20.

I need to study. Quiz next week and exams approaching fast, not to mention essays and research papers. I skipped my Ancient Roman class yesterday, because of a $5 open-bar party for international students on Wednesday night. It was a mess. And there was a guy dancing in a bunny suit. As of this moment, I have finished just under half of my semester assessments. HOLY CRAP! that's not a lot, and only 5 weeks to cram in over 50% of a semesters work.

That's all the motivation I need... hitting the books... NOW

I also made a very interesting discovery a few days ago... I can count to 10 in 8 languages, say 'hello' in 18 languages and say 'I love you' in 9 languages. Made me feel pretty special.

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