Thursday, May 20, 2010

No sugar in my tea.

It's times like right now that lead me to believe that : bad things only come in multiples.

It all started with a cut finger and a tomato. Because tomato hurts when it comes in contact with a cut finger.

Then, there was my handbag, getting her revenge on me by leaving a huge gash at the back of my knee.

After that my computer broke. I thought it was going to be O.K. but only now do I realise that everything for my trip to the U.S.A is salvagable except my visa-waiver form which is not on my email, like I previously thought. Not to mention that I can't call international now, because the computer I am using does not have a microphone, which means no skype to sort out my computer problems... wow.

I called Dell today to see what they thought. I can't call Dell Australia because, well, I'm not in Australia. So I called Dell France only to find out they can't do anything untill I convert my Australian service tag to a European service tag. It takes 2 working days, and it's a long weekend in France.

So, I went to a computer store today only to be told that it will take one week for them to find what is wrong with my computer, which, alone will cost €36. After that, I can get it fixed for around, oh, just say, €500 - if it's a new screen that I need. Now, I'm the opposite of computer-geek, I'm a total computer dumbass - I have no idea. However, I'm O.K. at maths, and I know that a new screen for my computer costs around €100. Where the other €400 is coming from, I have no idea.

To top it all off, my entire bathroom is clogged up - no showers of sink-usage for another day. Great.

Doesn't help that I'm overly weepy about leaving France as it is, without any extra stress.

I'm in the kind of headspace that leads me to take out the sugar, open it, close it and put it away again without putting any sugar in my tea.

I'm exhausted. Completely. And I still have to go to work and to dinner.

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