Monday, November 8, 2010

Where does the time fly...

Its been almost 3 months since I've been back in Australia and it's only just starting to get warm. Usually, in my neck of the woods, we're swimming by now. A few days ago, we still had the heating on... in NOVEMBER!

A lot of things have happened since I returned and I realised that the accident in Turkey happened for a reason. I'm back at university, studying away, as well as working as a part time secretary (I'm at work now, and it's a slow day and almost hometime for me!). But most importantly, in less than 2 months I will be off to California, but more on that later once I get the nitty-gritties sorted out, like visas and whatnot.

In my time back, I have been neglecting my blog(s) and have promised my dear friend Cait, that I will start writing again, even if it is crap like this one here, and even if it is just for her enjoyment and procrastination value.

I decided to make a list, about all the things that I'm glad to be back for. But I thought that doesn't paint an accurate picture of my life right now, since there are a lot of things I miss about what my life used to be. So, trying not to be too emphatic either way, I will make two lists.

- snuggling in my big big comfortable bed with seven pillows
- having a wardrobe full of clothes, not a suitcase
(although I still have some clothes in my suitcase... don't judge me!)
- having a fridge full of food that I didn't buy
- comfortable couches for movie nights
- sunday night dinners with the family
- glasses of wine with the mother
- driving lessons with the father
- shopping with the sister. (she is an amazing shopper)
- girly coffee dates
- Adelaide being small, that you can walk everywhere when you're out in the city at night
- lovely dinners at cheap, student-friendly restaurants with ridiculous laughter
- koalas in the garden
- that particularly australian type of sunshine
- the smell of eucalyptus... everywhere!
- timtams and cherry ripes
The next list in the next post. I'm back, baby!

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    We shall catch up soon!