Sunday, April 18, 2010

Things I love at the Moment (Mk. II)

  • al fresco coffee without jackets
  • need for sunglasses
  • the smell of fresh flowers
  • french markets
  • half a dozen eggs for less than a euro
  • waking up to sunshine
  • backrubs
  • long talks with my mum
  • the look of sunlight coming in through stained glass windows
  • getting things right
  • unexpected outings
  • dancing like crazy while completely sober
  • goat's cheese
  • home-made omlettes
  • the snooze button
  • cover bands at local bars
  • open-air art galleries
  • new jewellry
  • clean apartments (but not "cleaning apartments")
  • cuddling on couches
  • dinner with friends
  • girly talks
  • sunsets at 8:30pm.

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