Thursday, August 20, 2009

I miss reading...

Oh, how I love to travel. I really do. I feel so good here that I don't often feel the need to eat (yet, this afternoon's amazing rendez-vous at Le Pain Quotidien on the Upper East Side was totally worth it). Travel, the new experience, the overload of art is all the sustinance I need (that and a good falafel roll from the place near the MoMA and the Harper Collins building in Midtown). I feel alive, I feel fulfilled. I love travelling alone for the quiet contemplation in my mind that rivals this absolutly anything-but-quiet city outside me.

However, there are some things I am looking forward to when I get my own place in Canada.
1. Reading - I havent been reading much. I have been too busy hopping on and off subways to read anything. There is too much to do, too many people to meet, I can't spend my time reading.
2. Films. I havent had the chance to see any. Why? Because I am too busy cramming as much of New York into a week as I can. Sitting, motionless and passive for two hours, devoid of interaction besides that between myself and the screen seems --- ludicrous, when there is so much to see and do.
3. Creating. I have been going too fast for my own good, being pummelled day in and day out with art, art, and more art. The only drawing I do is the sketching of things in gallery corners. My brain is still digesting. But I want to create something original and mine. Something that is me but not me, a me living beyond me, and yet not living but inanimate. But not soul-less and therefore semi-living, but yet not.

In other news... I want to live in SoHo. And I am convinced that the Met is just a ruse to get your time. You go in to see the 20th C. European painting and then you end up whiling away the hours amazed by the Ancient Greek and Roman art, the Ancient Near Eastern Stuff, and the European Renaissance Sculpture, not to mention the myriads of reconstructed rooms.

That is all.

-A xx

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